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01 April 2010 @ 11:38 am
"It's Sah-ka! Not Soh-ka!"  
Happy April Fool's Day!

Is that how that goes? I'm not quite sure...since usually April Fools is filled with jokes and sometimes you're not happy if you're in the receiving end of it. For those of you who know of Cardcaptor Sakura/Cardcaptors, did you know that Sakura Kinomoto (the heroine) was born on April 1st? Okay maybe April Fools isn't celebrated in Japan (is it?) but I thought that was cool.

Okay what I'm about to tell you is not a joke. For those following the Last Airbender movie, M. Night had an interview with whoever manages the website Lastairbenderfans.com, and it talked about casting. He pretty much said that anime is ambiguous when it comes to race--so we shouldn't jump to conclusions that everyone should be Asian in the Avatarverse. I didn't mind that so much, I thought it was pretty spot on.

I mean...for those who have watched Sailor Moon...no one still knows what exactly Pluto's ethnicity is.

What DID bother me was they'll be pronouncing certain names different from the show: Sokka's, Aang's, and Iroh's. Everyone (including me) was accusing Rathbone of mispronouncing his character's name like "soh-ka" (like what Hahn did) and apparently it's b'cuz that's how it's going to be said in the movie. Thoughts?  
dirobi I know you MUST have something to say.

I'm really not kidding! This part where M. Night says this is in the UFO (I think) interview. You can find the link on Lastairbenderfans.com.

I think I can manage the whole "Soh-ka" thing, but Iroh's name is going to be pronounced "EE-roh" instead of "EYE-roh."

As for Aang, I think it's pronounced the same way it was in the Japanese dubbed of Avatar--

where instead of Aang starting like how "angle" does, the A is "uh."

So yeah......thoughts?

Oh and for those who read Bleach, I'm sorry, but I have a very difficult time believing that Aizen knew of Ichigo since

he was born and he's been manipulating events to his advantage. I think Dirobi calls it God-moding.

(Deleted comment)
maylene_autumn: NanaoxShunsuimaylene_autumn on April 2nd, 2010 04:16 am (UTC)
Rant away! I don't mind. That's all I seem to be doing lately with my journal anyways. It's like an Avatar journal as of late.

I thought the trailer was really cool though, but yeah the name thing is annoying. He says it's a personal thing. I mean I get it...and yet I don't get it. People don't like it when dubbers butcher anime names, and I guess to him it's that way. But since Mike and Bryan (who aren't Asian) thought of the names...I can't say I agree with M. Night since it's Bryke's story and not his.

He's trying to make it his own...doing it the wrong way, ticking off the fandom.
dirobidirobi on April 3rd, 2010 05:10 am (UTC)
I do have a lot of things to say.

First off, trying to identify a character's race in animation is often an exercise in futility, especially in simple styles regardless if it's Japanese or Western. Hell, it can be hard to do so in real life, with great accuracy anyways.

Anyways, I think the bigger problem is white being the default race in casting. Yes, Avatar's merely Asian inspired, but isn't it odd we make a bunch of white people in an Eastern Asian setting the heroes? I dunno, to me, it's like taking a bunch of Chinese people, make them heroes, and put them in a medieval European inspired setting and act like it's a perfectly normal thing. I'm probably thinking about this too much, but it just looks SO WEIRD too me.

Changing the names is stupid though. They were only said outloud in the animated series like seven million times each, now we have to change how they are said? What're they trying to do, piss off fans even more when there's a pretty good chance they'll scorn the adapted product regardless? This'll be a good source of fan wank in the future, for some poor sod who thought the movie was decent, so hey, maybe they'll check out the series, maybe talk to someone who's seen the series. . .

Bleach is either: A) Aizen trying to freak Ichigo out, cause let's face it, that sounds REALLY creepy, or B) Kubo Tite's gone crackers. A sounds like it'd fit Aizen's characterization so far, but after some of the lastest events, I wouldn't be surprised if B was true too. . .

P.S. Sorry for rambling, it was hard putting my thoughts in a coherent manner.
maylene_autumn: Animaniacsmaylene_autumn on April 6th, 2010 04:46 am (UTC)
So true! About everything! Having a white guy in an Asian setting was even brought up in the Forbidden Kingdom when Jackie Chan and Jet Li's characters were laughing at the guy for being white...well what they said was that he wasn't Chinese. Also M. Night even said that Toph would be Asian which is weird since he says he looks at the casting like a blind person--and yet he's already saying that Toph's actress will be Asian. Why? Has she been already cast? I doubt it. It seems like he's saying that to appease the fans.

He can't say he's looking at the cast blindly when he's already saying he's gonna have Toph Asian.

Grr the names. Imagine if Airbender does succeed and newbies all call the characters by their movie name. How annoying would that get? I know that it's techincally incorrect how it was pronounced--but that's how it was, AND he said that to him it's not really Asian so why does it matter if the names are pronounced the "American" way? He's contradicting himself.

Yeah Bleach is just weird right now. I mean I'm glad that Isshin showed up...but there's more unanswered questions--I know Kubo's trying to add up suspense and OMG moments but how's that all gonna end up?

And no problem! Ramble away! I love hearing ppl's thoughts and comments so don't say sorry. I am sorry on the other hand this took awhile to reply to.
dirobidirobi on April 6th, 2010 05:25 am (UTC)
It's what I don't like about Shamaylan's (or however his name's spelt) idea about casting certain nations certain races. Why make Katara and Sokka Caucasion? Does this mean the Water Tribes will be primarily Caucasion? Living in one of the poles in such a harsh climate probably doesn't encourage lots of immigration and mixing. And why was he talking about Africans? Where would he put them?

Though his idea of the Air Nomads being mixed probably made the most sense, as Nomads they probably went around, though that'll depend on how they as a culture and religion view sex, which we may never know about per canon.

I don't know how blindly they were casting people in the beginning, but as they start sorting out actors for each nationality, they probably will try to have a pattern. Like how all the Fire Nation will mostly South and West Asian (very creative guys, like they don't get picked on in airports enough).

I really don't know why they changed the names. So retarded. I already feel kinda bad for any newbies. Hardcore fans will probably scare em off. . . How will they say Ursa, though? Ooorsah? Maybe not--it's actually Latin, but. . .

I just want this whole arc done with. Isshin should wipe the floor with Aizen, Ichigo either kicks Gin's but, or the guy runs off, or whatever, and we get onto more interesting things! Like who's the King? What does he do anyways? Will Orihime ever stop being useless? Why can't Chad be cool anymore? You know, more important stuff!

I'm more worried about my thoughts being coherent. I ramble sometimes, and I read back on what I wrote later, and I'm not always sure I know what I was trying to say. That kind of stuff. Yeah.
maylene_autumn: Human Inuyasha and Kikyoumaylene_autumn on April 12th, 2010 11:05 pm (UTC)
Don't worry, if I don't know what you're saying I'll definitely let you know. I pretty much agree with everything you just said from the airport to Ursa to Aizen and Chad so anything I say will sound redundant.