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10 February 2010 @ 10:53 pm
Bleach and Naruto chapters, and Last Airbender FULL TRAILER!  

Okay today I was kind of irritated b'cuz today was an irritating day in general, and then I go home and read Bleach and Naruto and I got EVEN MORE annoyed b'cuz Bleach is going on break (right after stabbing or not stabbing Hinamori and breaking Hitsugaya emotionally and literally) and I'm wondering why Ichigo doesn't do a thing! Someone pointed out that he was like the pokemon Slowpoke! XD I'm talking about chapter 392 just incase your wondering, aka this week's chapter.

Oh and Naruto, seriously I'm so disappointed in Sakura (chapter 482)! I thought she had grown up and matured--I'm really hoping that she's lying to Sasuke to get close to him so she could finish him off b'cuz she's just pathetic to abandon Konoha and her friends for the idiot who can't be saved. It's too late for him, I wish she would wake up. I thought that was utterly horrible of her to do/say!

But guess what? Today ends on a VERY VERY WONDERFUL NOTE b'cuz of this:

So thoughts? We finally see Yue, and we hear Katara and Sokka speak! Still no Noah Ringer speaking, but I heard from others he's screaming faintly.
I-chan: *palm x forehead OTP*inuyatta on February 11th, 2010 10:30 pm (UTC)
Never thought I'd say this, but I feel bad for Sakura. No one seems to remember that she is the only member of T7 that has been kept totally in the dark in regards to the man she loves.

It's pretty obvious she's gonna run with Sasuke to figure out wtf is going on since nobody else will tell her.

As for Bleach...lord, Kubo spends more time on vacation than he does writing the chapters out ahead of time, I swear.
maylene_autumnmaylene_autumn on February 12th, 2010 04:12 am (UTC)
I wouldn't say that Sakura is totally in the dark when it concerns Sasuke, but yeah I see what you mean. It's just that if she's not careful, being uninformed may kill her (I doubt it).

Hehee. You really think Kubo spends more time on vacation than writing? Do you say that b'cuz the recent chapter seemed out of the blue and he was just doing that for the shock factor? B'cuz a lot of ppl have been saying the chapter before last was awesome, but then it was ruined with the fact that apparently it was all an illusion. ^_^ Sorry, am I asking too many questions? I'd like your thoughts on it.
I-chan: *now playing: yakety sax*inuyatta on February 12th, 2010 04:23 am (UTC)
Except she is--they haven't told her anything. The last news Sakura got on Sasuke was from the Kumo-nin perspective which was...not so optimistic. The last bit of info she got on the Sauce resulted in her having a nervous breakdown--and she hasn't been given a clue since then, which is just so wrong on Kakashi's part.

It seems that way--it's like every few weeks, he's on hiatus to do more research. Except...the story has barely moved until just now. I knew way beforehand that if it looked like the good guys were getting the upper hand, it was going to be an illusion. They mentioned Aizen's shikai too much for it not to be used for a scenario like this. All I know is that I've been bored with the story for a while--in all honesty, I would love for Orihime to get the killing blow on Aizen for all the shit he did to her and her friends. Not to mention the amount of wank it would cause among her haters. XD
maylene_autumnmaylene_autumn on February 12th, 2010 11:25 pm (UTC)
Well don't take anything I say too seriously when it comes to Naruto. XD Being uninformed happens when you skip around and don't reread things. Having things go week by week apparently isn't good for my memory. I don't I just felt like she's making a mess. I can totally forgive her for lying to Naruto about being in love with him--I get that. I don't get this though.

And I agree that Kakashi should have told her what's going on. Maybe he didn't wanna do that in front of the others though.

I agree too about Bleach and how it's moving so slowly. It's like a soap opera, you leave it for a year and can come back in the next year totally knowing what's going on. XD
I-chan: Muramasa/Torahime - Time outinuyatta on February 13th, 2010 12:10 am (UTC)
Nah, it's cool. Naruto drags in some places as well, so it's easy to lose track of details. As far as Sakura's 'confession' to Naruto, no one liked that--except the rabid Naruto/Sakura fans. Everyone knows she was telling a lie, and the thing is that if it weren't for Sai's unfounded guilt trip, she probably would never have embarrassed herself like that.

I do get why Sakura is doing this stunt with Sasuke though--she won't get an answer otherwise. In her place, I'd probably do the same--because everything she's heard up until now completely contradicts what she knew of Sasuke. Now she has to see for herself if it's legit, or if Sasuke is being controlled...which is highly likely. Madara's manipulating him with absurd ease it seems, and if he isn't the only problem, the curse seal along with the tissue/blood transfer done by Juugo probably has a role to play too.

Hahha, How long have we been in Hueco Mundo now?
maylene_autumn: Taang Funnymaylene_autumn on February 14th, 2010 04:26 pm (UTC)
So true about the confession, I'm for Sakura and Naruto and even //I// didn't like it. But I don't know whether to blame Sai or not for opening her eyes to his feelings. Though now I'm confused b'cuz wasn't it obvious to Sakura that Naruto liked her since he kept asking her out on a date? Or was that just in the anime?

So yeah, whatever is going on with Naruto, I'm really excited to see--yay, it's not going on hiatus unlike Bleach.

Speaking of Bleach, I think we've been in Hueco Mundo for almost a year now...or maybe just half a year. But whatever it is, it's too long. I know they want more money but if it drags on the quality will diminish and it'll become like Inuyasha IMO. Besides, a lot of ppl prefer the quality over the quantity--Kenshin, Code Geass, Gundam Wing, etc. At least from what I've read.
I-chan: Song  - ?inuyatta on February 14th, 2010 05:51 pm (UTC)
Honestly, I can see why it was a shock to Sakura--Naruto hasn't seriously pursued her since part one. His feelings never really evolved past a pre-pubescent crush. The only characters that have truly fallen in love among the rookie 12 that we know so far are Sakura and Hinata.

As for Sai, I can commend him for being able to bring up pairing resolution to the forefront while Sasuke is in the picture, because if I've noticed one thing about the series, it is that Uchiha > everything else. However, Sai was way out of place--not only did he guilt trip Sakura based on an old memory (meaning Naruto may not even feel the same anymore), but he compared the promise NARUTO MADE to a curse seal--and this came on Sakura right after seeing her master in a coma.

Bleach...technically, we're out of HM now, but still...the whole reason they went in the first place has yet to be resolved and it's been well over a year now.
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maylene_autumnmaylene_autumn on February 12th, 2010 11:21 pm (UTC)
I adore your icon! ^_^

I can't wait for the movie either.